Connor Wolfe

Connor was sponsored by his father, Andrew Payne Wolfe ’74.  Connor attended Parry McCluer High School in Virginia.  He plans to attend the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA this fall and upon completion will be commissioned in the United State Navy as an officer.

Conor is an Eagle Scout, and states that he is dedicated to a life of service to others.  Conor has been very active in his community for 13 years and has accumulated over 350 hours of community service time. Conor was the president of his school’s Interact club, a service club affiliated with Rotary International.  Conor’s church operates a community closet where he has worked for five years.  Music is a big part of Conor’s life.  He plays piano, violin and became the percussion captain at his high school.  He hopes to contribute to the band at the Virginia  Military Institute this fall.