TABOOZ Recording

As part of our 10th anniversary celebration, the BAA board commissioned a CD of Tabooz music.  The following selections are on the recording:



1948        “How’re Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em,” “Mood Indigo,” “Where or When”

                Beverly Brown, Barbara Jones, Ruth West, Anne Wright, 
                Martha Ann Ziesing

1950        “Heart of My Heart,” “Moodglow,” “Carolina in the Morning”

                Margie Hobensack, Julie Paddock, Dorie Lang, Mary Relf, Janet
                Long, Sue Scott, Jane Leshure,
Barbara Jones, Patricia Williams, 
                Janet Hughes, Carolyn Nolte, Lederle Stearns, Julia Lowe, 
                Anne Bennett,
Bailey Walker

1952        “Swing Low,” “Lullaby of Broadway,” “Blue Moon,” “Sweet Sue," 
                “I’m In the Mood For Love”

                Sally Davis, Judy Farmer, Joan Richardson, Gretchen Storch, 
                Mickey McTigue, Margie Rodes, Barbara LaBelle,

                Ellie Williams, Mickey Fletcher, Penny King, Diana Daniel, Lou Palmer

1954        “Blue Skies,” “Fools Rush In,” “You’ll Come Back, Down on
                the Farm," “September Song”

                Nancy Lewis, Joy Porter, Marion Green, Sue Lowell, Susie Shutz, 
                Bran Lockey, Trudy Talcott, Sue Hunzinger,
Sally Redden, 
                Judy Hummel, Jane Logie, Harriet Hughes

1956        “Yamma Man,” “I Don’t Know Why,” “Bad Girl,” “Roof Top,”

                Judy Barnes, Anne Lapey, Robyn Neff, Betsy Moore, Sheri Giles, 
                Debby Dunn,
Giulia Roosevelt, Pat Thomas, Gayle Peddie, 
                Debbie Williams, Josie Reeves, Sally O’Hara

1958        “Foolish Things,” “Louisville Lou,” “Mademoiselle,” “Speak Law”

                Linda Bird, Cathy Williams, Phoebe Braddock, Peggy Ylvisaker, 
                Julie Cain, Stevie McGinley, Bonnie Craigin,
Bunny Ryerson, 
                Claire Gardner, Judy Smith, Caroline Berger, Happy Delefield

1962        “Hey Daddy,” “Swing Down,” “Everybody Works But Father”

                Jo DeBeer, Judy Sawyer, Suki Brown, Heidi Snow, Lil Taggart, 
                Susie Carter, Patty Blake, Sandy Dent,
Missy Evans, 
                Patty Hurlburt, Lynn Tolerton, Lucy Porter, 
                Eddy Ducey, Karen Thornquist

1966        “White,” “Red Riding Hood,” “Fascination Rhythm,” 
               “Down in Bermuda,” “Humble,” “There Is A Ship,”
“Children Go”

                Ann Dewart, Betsy Dunham, Patsy Hanson, Chandler Haskins,
                Sally Lindsley, Gay Peobody, Patsy Peterson,

                Jan Pettigrew, Ann Taggart, Carol Taplin, Jen Taplin, 
                Carol Tucker, Meg Wanty, Pam Willoughby

1968        “Ragged But Right,” “Bidin’ My Time,” “The Shadow of Your Smile,"
               “Young and Foolish,”
“Blues in the Night,” “Gwabi-Gwabi,” 
               “For Baby,” “Early Morning Rain,” “Fog Horn”

                Margaret Bingham, Susie Grace, Suki Augenblick, Margo Jones, 
                Sarah Miller, Sarah Williams, Muffy Gibson, 
Liz Thayer, Susan Paul Bibi Kinney, Debbie Dent, Barb Davis, 
                Robin Boak

The cost is $15 per CD.  Please click here to order.