Vicki Basilico '96

Vicki Basilico is a Magna Cum Laude Bradford College alumna, class of 1996. She is currently pursuing graduate studies in Industrial and Labor relations at Baruch College in New York City.

"She is the kind of remarkable individual who comes along perhaps once in a decade," praises the director of her academic program at Baruch. In addition to school, Vicki continues to work for long-time employer Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI), a social service agency. This non-profit organization offers counseling, social activities, and support providing a respectful, safe environment for young gay and lesbian people who may have been disenfranchised by friends or family. Vicki's studies enable her to help her company meet compliance with new non-profit mandates. "As a one-person HR department, I must have the knowledge and resources to ensure my agency's compliance... while HMI's purpose is to create a supportive and positive environment for the growth and development of its clients, I consider the purpose of my job to do the same thing for our employees." Vicki wrote, "Bradford encouraged personal accountability in its students decisions and actions, while at the same time encouraged us to be active participants in our communities and respectful of diversity..." The Acting Executive Director of HMI expresses his pride in Vicki's abilities, "...the agency wishes to attract the best employees to fill its positions... I know her efforts make HMI a most desirable place to work."

Vicki concludes that "Bradford gave me the tools and drive to be an active listener, a strong communicator, an inquisitive learner and an advocate for those who voices may go unheard."

The BAA congratulates Vicki for showing us how to use our talents for the service of others.