Bradford College Monuments

The owners of Kimball Tavern, the Woods Family, are long time residents of Bradford.  They have resurrected a buried mill stone from the Kimball property.  The family invited the Bradford Alumni Association to create and install a bronze marker to commemorate the location of the founding of Bradford Academy in 1803.  Funding for this marker was made possible by generous donations from Bradford College Alumni. 

A Bradford College monument was erected on Bradford Common on October 7, 2010.  The monument was given to the Bradford community by the family of Mary Haskins Barker '35, in her memory.  The monument is an 8 foot obelisk that marks the three major campus time periods - Bradford Academy, Bradford Junior College and Bradford College. 
The Bradford campus has a permanent marker located adjacent to Academy Hall in the  the heart of the campus commemorating the 197 year history of Bradford Academy, Bradford Junior College and Bradford College.  An anonymous donor funded this monument.