Heather Ann French '97

The Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that Heather Ann French, Bradford College class of 1997, has been awarded this year's BAA scholarship.  An alumna of our beloved campus, Heather has shown many of the qualities that truly exemplify the mission and values of the Bradford Alumni Association.

As an undergraduate, Heather was a Human Studies major.  She involved in Student Affairs, serving as a Resident Assistant for three years, and as both Assistant Resident Director and Student Affairs intern in her junior and senior years, respectively.  During her senior year she worked with adults with mental illness at CHAOS (Community Health and Alternative Opportunity Services).  

Heather says in her essay "Working with and growing up around people with mental illness afforded me a unique perspective and an ability to process and work through difficult life experiences.  I have also been fortunate to have mentors along the way that taught me and nurtured me to make healthy decisions."

Beyond Bradford, her decisions have matured into an obvious career path.  She has worked as a Residence Director at both Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and University of California at Riverside.  In addition, she committed one full year to Americorps ACT (Action for Children Today), providing direct care, promoting child advocacy and developing community service projects for children.

Heather was admitted to the Humboldt State University MA degree program in Counseling Psychology for the Fall of 2003 and currently has a 3.96 cumulative GPA.

One of her professors commented on Heather's ability, "She carries herself as a young professional and I expect she will shine as a provider of mental health services..."

Of her talent as a Residence Director, a former employer notes that "From suicide attempts to interpersonal conflicts, Heather always displayed impeccable judgment, sensitivity and insight when working with the individuals involved."

Heather hopes to utilize both her graduate and undergraduate degrees in a college setting as a counselor and educator and we, the BAA Scholarship Committee, are confident that she will become a stellar addition to any campus.  Congratulations to Heather and we wish her the best of luck in the future.